In an ideal world, we wouldn’t have to hide our valuables for fear of them being stolen. Unfortunately, the reality of the matter is that hiding our valuables is an absolute necessity. When it comes to finding a place to store your valuable items, careful consideration must be made as to what places are best.

As it turns out, there are certain spots that are horrible for hiding your valuables due to predictability and lack of protection. That’s why, when it comes to deciding where to hide your precious items, make it a point to avoid the following places.

Your Undergarments Drawer

One of the most common places for storing valuables happens to be undergarment drawers. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that these drawers are normally in a state of disarray and people feel that their valuables can be safely hidden under all that mess. The only problem is that would-be-thieves are well aware of how commonly people use their undergarment drawers as a hiding spot.

If you want a piece of advice – keep your valuables far, far away from your undergarments.

The Master Bedroom

Burglars know that the master bedroom is the first place where they are likely to find some loot. For instance, if you’ve just come back from a dinner party or a night out with your friends, you may have left the expensive jewelry you wore on your dresser. Alternatively, you may have placed your wallet, expensive phone, or other valuables out in plain sight.

As a hiding spot, the master bedroom is where a potential thief would look first for hidden valuables. This includes the closet, drawers, under the bed, etc.

When you’re thinking about hiding valuables, you have to ask yourself this: “What spot doesn’t seem predictable?”

Your Child’s Bedroom

Although hiding your valuables in your child’s room may once have been a great idea, it is no longer the case. Today, children have a host of expensive gadgets which are left out in the open in their rooms. This includes everything from expensive phones, tablets, as well as other electronic devices. You can rest assured that if a burglar goes into your child’s room to see what they can find, they would have no qualms about digging a little deeper to see if there is anything else which is hidden in your child’s room.

The Freezer

Yes, you read that right. Hiding valuables such as jewelry and cash in the freezer is not something which is reserved only for movies. Many people actually hide their valuables in the freezer and either wrap them in foil and label them as a type of food, or put them in some form of freezer-safe container. Again, burglars and thieves have become smarter about where they choose to look for valuables. Don’t fool yourself; these guys know all the tricks.

Hiding valuables in the freezer is a ploy which has been showcased in a number of movies, and so, the chances of a burglar peeping into your freezer are actually quite high.

The Toilet Tank

The first person who decided to hide their valuables in a toilet tank was probably a genius. Who on earth would think to look in a toilet tank of all places for cash, jewelry, or other valuables. Unfortunately, movies have popularized the use of toilet tanks as a hiding spot for valuables. That means that if you’ve seen a movie where someone was hiding their goods in a toilet tank, chances are, a burglar or thief has seen one too.

Finding the right place to hide your valuables can be a very tricky business. After all, you’re going through the effort of hiding them because you want to guarantee their safety. In today’s day and age, movies and TV shows have exposed quite a few of the more typical hiding spots around the home that many people used to use. The only problem with this increased exposure is that now, thieves and burglars are also familiar with these spots. If they’re going to break into your home, you can bet your bottom dollar that they’re going to check out these well-known hiding spots. Therefore, take some time to put in some more thought about where to hide your valuables. Think of the least likely places that you’d expect anyone to look, double check that it hasn’t been featured in a movie, and hide your stuff away with ease.